Air Conditioner Installation

Is there a room in your home or commercial space that you wish was more climate-controlled, but you’re concerned about having to install additional duct-work? Mini-split air conditioning.

Mini-split air conditioning systems are high efficiency cooling and heating systems that help keep spaces with no duct-work as comfortable as those with.

Mini-split air conditioning systems are generally used in a single space, but there are multi-unit options available as well. Mini-split air conditioning can be used not only in spaces that have no ductwork, but they are also a great option for providing precise temperature control in areas where climate control is essential.

Moschella Refrigeration has been around for 30 years doing all types of heating and air conditioning and refrigeration. We install and service all make and model and we specialize in installation of Mitsubishi mini splits.  We service and install all mini split makes.

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