Air Conditioning Repair

Homeowners often dread that necessary AC repairs will come with a high bill. But our residential AC repairs in the greater Boston area are competitively priced and help prevent the need for costlier repairs and replacements that may result from neglecting any warning signs. If you notice any of the following, it’s time to let Moschella Refrigeration provide you with our expert services:

  • Air Does Not Stay Cool
  • Air Flow Is Poor
  • Moisture/Leaks around Vents
  • Grinding, Rattling, or Squealing Noises
  • Pungent Odors
  • Damaged Thermostat
  • Increased Electric Bill

Stay Cool with Our Residential AC Repairs

As your dedicated central AC repair contractors, we apply years of experience to diagnose and fix your air conditioner’s problems.

Moschella Refrigeration has been around for 30 years doing all types of heating and air conditioning and refrigeration. We install and service all make and model and we specialize in installation of Mitsubishi mini splits.  We service and install all mini split makes.

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